1. Cook Yourself Thin - Theme

A jaunty little number that I really like.

2. Dubstep Trailer

Phase can do bass. Not so jaunty!

3. Can You Steal It

Yes we can, but as they say in Thailand, same same, but different.

4. HMB2

Delicate, fragile and beautiful like it's inspiration. I love this one.

5. Small Brown Guy

We did this for the ITV 2 drama Trinity. The thin reedy vocals of yours truly are expertly bolstered by the righteous talents of Simon Oldhams A.K.A. Little Emperor. It doesn't matter who was wrong or right...

6. Falling

From the SATV library album Shades of Drama.

7. Farming Acoustic 2 early mix

From the channel 4 show My Dream Farm. It's a little rough round the edges, but there's something about the mix of this that I really like.

8. Going the Distance Theme into Bed

From the channel 5 show Going the distance. Push yourself to the limit!

9. Don't Feed Me

A nice bit of EDM under our moniker of Filthy East

10. Life Cycle

From the BBC 4 documentary Afterlife. Out of death comes life.