The Tunnel:Sabotage - Sky Atlantic
A promo for Sky Atlantic's new drama The Tunnel:Sabotage.
Last Panthers - Sky Atlantic
A promo for the Johan Renck directed drama.
Fortitude - Sky Atlantic
Phase has been commissioned to score a series of promos for Sky Atlantic's chilling new drama.
Nashville - Sky Atlantic
A promo for the hit series 'Nashville'.
Undercover - Dave
Phase have scored Baby Cow's hilarious new cop drama for Dave.
Channel 4 News
For the third time Phase have revamped the Channel 4 News theme.
Dynamo Top Ten - Watch
The amazing magician's top ten moments...
Why Don't You Love Me? - Beyonce
A Phase remix under their MK Ultras moniker of Beyonce’s ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ from the ‘I am... Sasha Fierce’ album.
Channel 5 Cricket - Channel 5
The theme tune for channel 5's cricket coverage
The Limbless Mountaineer - Channel 5
An amazing Channel 5 documentary
Sky + Promo - Sky
Phase provided the music for the launch of the new Sky + campaign
SATV - Sky
Sky's in house music library.
Trollied - Sky 1
Now onto Series 6, a few new faces are shaking up the shop floor.
Dynamo A to Z - Watch
More amazing magic from Dynamo...
Cinematic Trailers - Sky
At last…Phase reaches new heights of epic epicness with the latest from SATV…
Afterlife - BBC Four
Ever wondered what would happen in your house if you were taken away and everything inside was left to rot?
Full English - Channel 4
From the pens of the immensely talented Harry and Jack Williams, Full English was Channel 4’s first ever comedy animation commission...
Country House Rescue - Channel 4
With a full Phase soundtrack, the show that advises the owners of the UK’s stately homes on how to provide income for future generations...